Cleansing for the New Season

Joan Hyman
  • 07.05.21

Cleansing for the New Season

Fr. 07.05.21 19:30 — 21:30
Preis: 25€

Twisting is not only a great way to cleanse the body, but when done on a deeper level, it becomes a mental and spiritual cleanse.

Before we move into this invigorating practice, there will be short discussion on the benefits of twists and how these powerful poses can enhance our immune system. Twisting postures, when practiced from the inside out can leave us feeling invigorating and transformed! When taught how to twist from the internal space, we can integrate our core muscles which can support and prepare us for pranayama.

After a brief discussion on the benefits of twisting and the importance of cleansing, we will then move into a practice that will include, stabilizing our core muscles and learning to integrate twisting with our breath. The result of this type of practice is a calmer, more stable energy that creates a space for a quieting pranayama practice at the end.

Benefits: Leave feeling calm, heightened, and energized at the same time.

All Levels with basic yoga knowledge welcome

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