Guided Relaxation

Adelene Cheong
  • 21.05.21

Online Restorative Workshop

Fr. 21.05.21 17:00 — 20:00
Preis: 45€

We depend on our senses for information… to learn, to respond, to experience, to interact or to simply carry out daily life. When the mind is being continuously bombarded with information, our nervous system is relentlessly over stimulated towards sympathetic arousal.

What often happens is that our senses collect stimulation to the mind, which triggers various responses physiologically. Moderate and periodic stimulation is essential for growth, whilst the neurotransmitter receptors may become unresponsive upon prolonged exposure as a result of constant firing. This may result in restlessness, agitation, frustration, inability to focus, fatigue and lethargy, where health may be sub-optimal. In a longer term, this vicious circle affects the quality of sleep, energy level, lack creativity or motivation, addictions and behavioral challenges, simply not sustainable in showing up in the world as our ‘true self’.

Could ‘Rest’ be the answer? Experience the power of active rest through the practice of Restorative yoga, be supported and guided through relaxation practices for healing at physical, energetic, emotional and mental level. In this workshop, Adelene has carefully put together a series of restorative postures intended to break the cycle of endless stimulation. There will be guided relaxation and somatic practices to undo unnecessary tension held and to sooth the mind. Restorative practice aims to alleviate physical or emotional dis-ease, promotes inner healing, and offer space for deep rest.

Suitable for all levels practitioners who would like to invite more Rest and silence into your day… into your life.

Recommended props:

  • 1x yoga mat
  • 1x eye pillow / cover
  • 2x blocks / bricks
  • 2x yoga bolsters / large firm pillows
  • 4x blankets
  • Access to a chair or couch, and some extra cushions may be helpful.