Info Session 200h Teacher Training - online

Joan Hyman
  • 08.05.21

Info Session 200h Teacher Training - online

Sa. 08.05.21 18:00 — 19:00

Do you want to deepen your understanding of yoga? Are you thinking about becoming a yoga teacher? Joan Hyman's 200hr Yoga Teacher Training isn’t just for aspiring teachers, it’s for anyone with a curious spirit looking to transform their life and their yoga practice.

Wondering if it’s right for you? Have questions? Join us at our next free Teacher Training Info Session where you’ll really get all the necessary information about the program.


  • PASSIONATE YOGA STUDENTS – advance your personal practice, dive deep and learn to live yoga off the mat
  • HEALTH & WELLBEING PROFESSIONALS – find out how yoga can add a new level of knowledge and experience to your existing profession.

Yoga is so much more than a series of poses!