James Higgings Masterclass

James Higgings
  • 24.01.21

James Higgings Masterclass

So. 24.01.21 19:00 — 20:15

Core Work - The New Year provides an opportunity for us to celebrate and honor the core identity of a yogini.

This is the capacity to channel and embody infinite consciousness while in the finite form of a human being. The path of yoga expands our consciousness: you are invited to join James in a practice that will Affirm and Confirm your potential as a Beautiful Being. Let’s work deeply and mindfully to create more spacious meditative ease in mind, physical strength in the body, emotional freedom, and enjoy love within the heart.

James Higgins is a renowned yoga instructor from San Francisco with twenty years of teaching experience in 2017. He offers a unique, inspired, and deeply healing style of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga with an emphasis on meditation and deep personal healing. His practice style is slowed down in steady awareness, emotional intelligence, and technical proficiency, while focused on meaningful spiritual connection and personal self reflection.

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