Shoulder Girdle and Inversions

Joan Hyman
  • 08. – 09.05.21

Shoulder Girdle and Inversions

Sa. 08.05.21 14:00 — So. 09.05.21 17:00
Preis: 40€

Healthy shoulders make for better inversions and add more longevity to our practice. With the multiple downward dogs and chaturangas of your daily vinyasa practice, your shoulders can be vulnerable to injury over time.

Learn how to use props and alignment cues to better understand how to stabilize your shoulders, helping you access other challenging postures like inversions and prevent impingement.

This workshop will start with a lecture pointing out the bones and muscles that make up the shoulder girdle and teach you how to move safely from your shoulder blades while protecting the vulnerable muscles like your rotator cuffs.

We'll then move into a shoulder-focused asana practice, which will include inversions through the use of props and the wall for better stability. You'll learn ways to work with a strap that will help you understand how to externally rotate your shoulders, creating stability in this joint and reducing injury. See how specific alignment cues can help you access these postures safely by looking at bodies and understanding the movement of the shoulder blades and how they should support the pose.

Practice and learn at the same time while creating a sustainable safe yoga practice. After a brief discussion of the anatomy of the shoulder girdle, we will move into an alignment based practice that will prepare your shoulders for inversions. Understand how to work with props and a wall space to make these challenging poses accessible.

Benefits: An understanding of how keep healthy shoulders all year round in your yoga practice.

All Levels with basic yoga knowledge welcome.

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