Self-Defence Course

Petar Dragomirov
  • 29.05.22

Self-Defence at YogaKula

Sun 29.05.22 15:00 — Sun 26.06.22 16:30
Preis: 95€

These female self-defense classes will make you feel both stronger and empowered.

In this course you will learn to:

  • Understand the freeze/fight/flight reality in your body
  • Find the required level of aggression required in a violent encounter
  • Emotional perseverance (fight to the goal)
  • Use effective decision making under stress
  • Trust your natural instincts v. social rules
  • Improved coordination & balance
  • Carry your body in a way the communicates personal authority (not appealing to attackers)
  • Live in confidence vs. in fear

Needless to say, you’ll definitely leave feeling more empowered than when you first entered.

Price: 95 € for 5 Classes or 21 € Drop-In

Can be booked as a single class or as a package.

All levels / Classes taught in English.